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Curry Family Medicine

Family Medicine & Board Certified Family Physicians located in Northview, Grand Rapids, MI

Why should you have to go to one more doctor for your skin’s many needs? Curry Family Medicine offers cryotherapy and other dermatology services to address varying patient concerns. Patients in Grand Rapids, Michigan, can turn to Curry Family Medicine to receive dermatological services for all ages. Call or book your appointment online today.

Cryotherapy Q & A

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a broad term for several different treatments that use cold temperatures therapeutically. Cryotherapy has become a health fad as locations offer whole-body low-temperature treatment designed to alleviate pain, support muscle healing, and more. 

But long before cryotherapy tanks started rising in popularity, doctors have used extreme cold to target specific skin tissue. This type of cryotherapy is also called cryosurgery, and it’s a widely used dermatological treatment. Doctors choose it because it offers targeted treatment for skin lesions with minimal side effects. 

How is cryotherapy used for dermatology?

If you have a targeted area of your skin that needs removal (i.e., a skin lesion), cryotherapy is a fast, effective treatment option. Curry Family Medicine uses cryotherapy to treat:

  • Keratosis
  • Warts
  • Benign growths 
  • Potential skin cancer

During cryotherapy, your Curry Family Medicine practitioner applies liquid nitrogen to the skin to remove a growth. The controlled frostbite destroys the tissue. As the area heals, your body naturally eliminates the dead growth. 

What other types of dermatology services are available?

In addition to cryotherapy, Curry Family Medicine works to help with the majority of their patients’ skin health needs. The practice offers biopsies, medical tests that involve removing a small sample of tissue from your skin, then sending it to a lab for testing. This quick and effective test is ideal if you have a mole or other growth that might be cancerous. 

At Curry Family Medicine, you won’t have to wait long for your results. The practice prioritizes quick turnaround rates for their patients. 

Curry Family Medicine also offers treatments for rashes and abscesses. Whether you’re experiencing minor skin irritation or you have a specific growth that is causing you concern, a Curry Family Medicine skin care expert is available to help you understand what’s happening with your skin. Then, they work with you to find the right treatment to resolve your skin condition. 

You don’t have to find a whole separate doctor to protect your skin health. Get the dermatological treatment you need at Curry Family Medicine by calling the office or scheduling your appointment online.