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Curry Family Medicine

Family Medicine & Board Certified Family Physicians located in Northview, Grand Rapids, MI

There’s nothing more precious than your child, and Curry Family Medicine is keenly aware of this. Their understanding of patients is why they offer dedicated and personalized pediatric care in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Work with a family practice who builds a relationship with you and your child by calling the office or scheduling your appointment online today.

Pediatrics Q & A

How do I find the right doctor for my child?

If your child doesn’t feel comfortable at the doctor’s office, it’s more than just a short-term hassle. Indeed, it makes your job in getting them to the doctor significantly harder, but there’s a more important issue at play. Without feeling relaxed at the doctor, your child could decide they don’t like getting medical care. This all too often sets kids up for a life of doctor avoidance, not getting the regular preventive care they need to lead their healthiest lives.

That’s why Curry Family Medicine strives to be a warm and welcoming environment. And because the practice can serve every member of your family, it’s a place your child can visit regularly enough to feel relaxed. Curry Family Medicine works with you to help your child build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. 

What kind of pediatrics services are available?

On top of the regular sports physicals, sick visits, well-child visits, and immunizations you most likely expect, Curry Family Medicine offers a wide range of care for their pediatric patients. That includes diagnosis and treatment for both physical health conditions like asthma, and mental health, such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and anxiety.

If you notice anything is causing challenges for your child, whether that’s breathing during sports or paying attention during class, Curry Family Medicine works with you to identify and overcome the issue. For example, the practice uses spirometry to diagnose asthma quickly.

Similarly, they use the Vanderbilt Assessment Scale from the National Institute for Children’s Health Quality to diagnose ADHD. That way, you and your child can best understand their struggles to pay attention during class as you work with Curry Family Medicine to treat the condition. This not only helps your child perform better at school, but it also improves their overall quality of life, alleviating the frustrations of not feeling like their peers. 

How often should I schedule a well-child visit?

Curry Family Medicine recommends a well-child visit once a year. Even if a yearly appointment isn’t mandated (e.g., for sports physicals), an annual well-child visit is an excellent way to be proactive about keeping your child healthy. 

Get your son or daughter started with personalized, comfortable pediatric care. Call Curry Family Medicine or schedule your visit online today.