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Coronavirus is in Michigan, now what?



First, here is what we know about the virus:

1) Coronaviruses have been around for a long time. They generally cause mild cold symptoms.  However, the new Coronavirus, COVID-19, is a new human pathogen, so it is having a more significant effect.  

2) The Coronavirus is spread through droplets from our nose and mouth.  We do not know how long it can live outside of the human body.  

3) It causes the following symptoms: Fever, cough and difficulty breathing.  To a milder degree, it can cause congestion and sore throat.  

4) It is affecting the elderly the most.  Italy published it's data on March 7th showing that 99% of deaths occured in those > 60 years old.  It does not seem to be affecting children very severely.  

What we are doing at Curry Family Medicine:

1) Our response plan includes several steps.  First, if you are feeling sick, please feel free to give us a call as we have specific questions to ask.  

2) Depending on your answers, we will either recommend that you go to the ED if your symptoms are severe or moderately severe.  If they are mild or moderate, we will be happy to see you at the clinic for further testing.

3) In the clinic, we will have you wear a mask and take your vitals in a designated area and take a sample swab if necessary.  Then, depending on your severity we will ask that you go to the ED or do self quarantine until your results are back.  

4) Here at Curry Family Medicine, we want to do all that we can to ensure safety for our entire community.  Book your appointment today with Dr. Curry.

Dr. Amy Curry Physician/Owner of Curry Family Medicine

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